Junior Golf Membership

Choosing Hendon Golf Club for your children to play golf brings a wide range of benefits for both you and children, including:

  • No Playing Restrictions - Unlike many other golf clubs, there are no restrictions on when your child can play at Hendon, they can play at any time including weekends.
  • Free Coaching - Junior membership at Hendonf includes complimentary golf coaching every Monday evening with one of our PGA qualified teaching professionals, giving your children a great opportunity to develop their golf skills in a safe environment.
  • Organised Events - We have a dedicated Junior organiser who organises competitions and fun events at Hendon with our golf professionals. Your children have the opportunity to meet and play golf with other children.
  • Team Golf - Hendon is a member of the local Friern League. Your children have the opportunity to play friendly competitive matches against other local clubs.
  • Handicaps - A Junior committee is on hand to assist with marking cards so your children can gain and maintain their golf handicaps.
  • Training Facilities - Hendon has been awarded the GolfMark award. This award is only given to clubs which provide first-class training and coaching facilities for children to learn to play and improve their golf skills. We privide the very best coaching at all levels in a safe and organised environment.
  • Great course - Hendon is recognised as one of the premier courses in the North London and Middlesex region.

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Child Safety & Protection

At Hendon Golf Club our top priority is to ensure the highest level of safety and protection for children while they with us. Our Child Safeguarding & Protection Policy can be found in the attached document below.
pdfHendon Golf Club Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

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