Hendon Golf Club Junior Membership
Junior membership includes coaching sessions from our PGA qualified coaches
The emphasis is on fun while learning
Group Learning
Kids learn with friends and peers
Make Friends
Golf is a great way for kids to make new friends

Hendon Juniors

Choosing Hendon Golf Club for your children to play golf brings a wide range of benefits for both you and children, including:

  • No Playing Restrictions - Unlike many other golf clubs, there are no restrictions on when your child can play at Hendon, they can play at any time including weekends.
  • Free Coaching - Junior membership at Hendonf includes complimentary golf coaching every Monday evening with one of our PGA qualified teaching professionals, giving your children a great opportunity to develop their golf skills in a safe environment.
  • Organised Events - We have a dedicated Junior organiser who organises competitions and fun events at Hendon with our golf professionals. Your children have the opportunity to meet and play golf with other children.
  • Team Golf - Hendon is a member of the local Friern League. Your children have the opportunity to play friendly competitive matches against other local clubs.
  • Handicaps - A Junior committee is on hand to assist with marking cards so your children can gain and maintain their golf handicaps.
  • Training Facilities - Hendon has been awarded the GolfMark award. This award is only given to clubs which provide first-class training and coaching facilities for children to learn to play and improve their golf skills. We privide the very best coaching at all levels in a safe and organised environment.
  • Great course - Hendon is recognised as one of the premier courses in the North London and Middlesex region.

Child Safety & Protection

At Hendon Golf Club our top priority is to ensure the highest level of safety and protection for children while they with us. Our Child Safeguarding & Protection Policy can be found in the attached document below.
pdfHendon Golf Club Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

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