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The good weather and warmth has caused some delays with our  winter mainetnace programme as we have spent 10 days cutting the grass, This has also encouraged more golfers to come out and play. However there is always a flip-side and this means that the course has had more wear and tear and the small areas on the tees that we use as winter tees have suffered more than usual. We will be monitoring the weather over the next year or so and we may have to enlarge some of the tees to keep us playing off proper tees all year round..

We have spent this week removing the trees at the back of the tee. When we built the tee we carried out a 50% reduction of these trees in the hope that this would improve things for the new tee. Unfortunately this was not the case and we have had to remove the trees completely, uncovering an extra 5 m of land that was hidden. We intend to replace the high tree line with a lower hedge that will be maintained at about 2 m. In order to grow grass well you need three things, water, light and airflow. These works will improve this tee immeasurably as the grass grows 

As can be seen from the photo removing these trees was no mean feat.














We have completed a new path at the 17th, extended the path at the 1st and hope to extend the path at the 16th  and redo the path at the 3rd tee before our Spring renovations start on 18th March.  These renovations will consist of scarifying, aerating and top dressing the greens, aerating the approaches and aerating and top dressing the tees. Please be understanding whist these works are undertaken as they will help us to improve our courses condition and reputation. 

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