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Our Greenkeepers have been busy this week preparing the course for the winter.

These two pictures show the work that our greenkeepers have been doing to ensure our bunkers drain better through the winter. They also aptly illustrate how the sand has been moved to the easiest point to leave the bunker. Just have a look at the depth of sand in the centre of the bunker and the depth at the outer edge. It is clear to everyone that there is a lot of sand at the easiest point of egress from the bunker and very little in the middle of the bunker from where we may have to play our shots. We can all help in each other, to have better bunker conditions by ensuring that when we rake a bunker we move the sand into the middle of the bunker from where we would like to play our shots.

We have over-seeded the 5th fairway this week with Rye Grass seed. Hopefully we will see some little shoots of new grass appearing over the next couple of weeks. Whilst the growth will be slow at this time of year, there is still enough warmth in the ground for this to occur. The Rye Grass is more resistant to the warm weather conditions that we have been having in recent years. We will be continuing a programme of aeration, scarification and over-seeding over the course of the next few years in order to improve the playing surfaces of the fairways. We are dealing with nature here and there will be no clicking of the fingers and the fairways will all be superb, this is a long steady process and nature will gradually take it's course..

The Greenkeepers have also been busy with leaf collection. The trees have looked magnificent this year, and the Oaks are holding onto their leaves, yet it is amazing to see how many leaves get collected from the course, and there are still more to come down.

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