Hendon Golf Club Food and Beverage Opening Saturday 4th July

I am really pleased to announce that we will be opening on Saturday from 11.00am. We will have a fully stocked bar and a limited menu. After all this time, we would love to see you at the Club enjoying some food and drink.

We have various conditions and restrictions on how we can operate. You should read the attached document and you can view the video on the website, to see how we will be operating. The main one being only two households (people living in the same house) may share the same table inside. Normally this will mean only two people at a table inside. We can have 6 per table outside from different households. For example, it does mean that my household of 5 adults can meet with another household of 5 people and we can have a table of 10 inside. If you are going to be larger than a group of two, and are only from two households, you will need to book a table either with the bar or the office.

We have set everything up to comply with the Government guidance whilst endeavouring to be efficient. As the guidance changes, we will change, and notify you of the changes.

We are in a difficult transition phase with the virus. We have learned this week of more regions that may be heading towards another lockdown or delays in the restrictions being lifted. It is therefore important that we adhere to the guidance. One of the challenges will be with the Government’s track and trace, if we find that a common denominator in this area is Hendon Golf Club. We will be visited and potentially shut down losing our alcohol sales license. So please help the staff by adhering to the constraints within which we can operate, or you may be asked to leave the premises.

Please find attached our Covid Menu, Guidelines and a link to short video on using our facilities

Covid Menu

Hendon Golf Club Bar and Catering Guidelines

Hendon Golf Club Video 

Peter Dickson, General Manager Hendon Golf Club


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