Coronavirus - Club Statement

We held a "Hendon Cobra" meeting this morning and have awaited updates in Government guidance before posting this message

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Considering the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK, we appreciate the concern and uncertainly that this situation is causing our entire membership and staff. As you will all be aware the situation is changing daily.  The principal priority of the Business Committee is always to safeguard the health and safety of its members and employees to the best of our ability.  We have instituted weekly COBRA style meetings, updating a business risk register, reviewing our budgets and income so that we can respond to the ever-changing situation and take the necessary action in order to safeguard your Club.

Members & Visitors

Should any member or visitor of the Club be diagnosed with COVID-19 or have any symptoms requiring self-isolation, please could you telephone the Club as soon as possible on 0208 349 5211  and advise us, confidentially, of this and whether you have been to the Club in the 14 days prior to being diagnosed and which members they may have been in contact with. This information will be kept confidential.

For those members that can travel to the clubhouse or live nearby we can order through our supplier’s food and cleaning materials in order to assist with your self-isolation or to assist in reducing your contact with others.                  


  • The Golf course will remain open with the following conditions whilst taking the following actions to minimise the spread of the virus: -
  • All players should wash their hands before attending the club.
  • The changing rooms will remain open; however, member should limit the amount of time that they stay in an enclosed environment and we would advise members to keep their clubs in the car and change in the carpark where practicable.
  • The trolley shed will remain open, but please be mindful of handling hard surfaces which are potential sources of infection. We therefore recommend that you wash and dry your hands before and after handling your trollies.
  • Always maintain Social Distancing of approximately 2 metres
  • The flags are to be left in situ and not touched. The hole cups have been raised 3-5cm, please putt to the hole and when the ball hits the cup it is considered holed.
  • All rakes have been removed from the bunkers; players please flatten the sand with the back of their clubs. The bunkers will be subject of more frequent raking by the green staff.
  • Only touch your own equipment, ball and forgo any of the usual courtesies of picking up a club left beside the green.
  • Do not clean your golf ball with saliva or the ball washers, the latter are being put out of action for the avoidance of doubt.
  • A customary nod is perfectly enough at the end of your game.
  • You should wash your hands as soon as practicable after the round.
  • The Pro shop will remain open to service your golf needs. Again, we would ask that you limit your time inside and be conscious of the fact that the Pro may be already busy with other clients. It is important we continue to support Matt through this difficult time.
  • All club competitions and social events are postponed/cancelled until further notice.


The Food and beverage operation will remain open. Everyone must wash their hands on entering and leaving the clubhouse. Anti-bacterial hand-gel is available at the bar.

We have instituted regular anti-bacterial cleaning regime across the clubhouse. All tables are washed with anti-bacterial cleaner, after each use, all utensils are washed with antibacterial cleaning agents. All contact areas are subject to regular cleaning with anti-bacterial cleaners, at the very least daily. We will also be going cashless. Card payments only, please provide the number of your card to staff and they will process the payment, thus will avoiding contact; tap and go will work if paying by credit or debit card.  

We would ask that you avail yourselves of the outside seating arrangements and telephone your orders through to the bar to minimise contact.   Our staff will deliver food and drinks to your table outside.

Limited numbers will be allowed inside the Spike Bar (16) and Lounge (32) and will be strictly controlled by staff. Please do not be offended if refused access and do not move the tables as this will encroach on the social distancing guidance. This is under daily review.

All internal Social events are cancelled until further notice.

We strongly advise that you keep yourself up to date with the latest Government recommendations and guidelines.

We will be holding weekly "Hendon Cobra meetings until the current challenges we face have been addressed.


Graeme Titmas, Chairman

Pete Dickson General Manager

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