David Pirie

It is with sorrow that I write to inform you of the passing of one of our old members, David Pirie.

David joined the Club in 1973 and was a member for over 45 years. Originally from Glasgow he was the most dour of Scots but had a very dry sense of humour and was a master of the one line amusing comment.

David was also a remarkable golfer and apparently is the only person to win both the High Handicaps Competition and the Club Championship!. He could hit a ball a mile and I certainly saw him drive the 15th green with a two iron on more than one occasion!

David's golfing achievements included winning the Club Championship in 1986, the Scratch Gold medal in 1989, the Walduck Challenge twice and he also won the mixed foursomes twice, the Johnson Fourball, the Torquil McLeod and the Silver Capstan with yours truly as his caddie!

He was married for many years to another member, Shelna who many of us also remember with fondness. Some years ago both David and Shelna moved to Somerset to be near their son and David passed away earlier this week after a short illness.

Kind regards

Andrew Hoffbrand - Club Captain

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