Hendon Golf Club - Reducing our impact on the environment -

Here at Hendon Golf  Club, we are on a mission here to reduce our impact on the environment and to assist nature.

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With this in mind we are moving away from chemical usage, to natural fertilizers and pesticides to regulate grass growth. Over the past few years we have planted over 100 new trees. This year we have added some colour with and over 200 flowering perennials as well as numerous bedding plants, with a view to encouraging our bee population. We have recently added our first of hopefully many beehives with the assistance of a local beekeeper who will look after the bees. This means we will be able to produce our own honey, a teaspoon a day of local honey is a proven way to help hayfever sufferers. It is hoped to add further flowering plants and improve the variety of year round colour at the club house and out on the course.

As all these plants need tending too, beds will need weeding, etc., The Business Committee have decided to seek volunteers from Hendon members to assist in maintaining the flower beds and plants. 

We are also in the process of further reducing our impact on the environment by having all of our waste being recycled such as all our glass and cardboard. Our food waste will be used to create fuel which will go back into the National Grid and all other waste, plastics included will be baled and then collected to provide resource derived fuel. Thus we will be sending zero waste to landfill.

We have looked into water harvesting from the clubhouse and electric vehicle charging points, whilst both are economically not viable for the club at the moment, there are sound environmental arguments for providing when the Club is in a position to write off the investment. Future developments being looked into are renewable energy generation and waterless urinals.

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