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Hendon International

This weekend saw both the Men’s and Ladies’ Internationals played at the Club. These are central and hugely popular events in our golfing calendar and are always great fun and this year was no exception.

On Saturday the Scottish and Welsh team led by their exuberant Captain MacWill McTerry, defended their title as Champions, scoring 342 points, beating Hitesh Mandavia’s Rest of the World side who scored 332 points and Michael Roche’s Ireland team who scored 328 points. Unfortunately the England team led by me clearly imbibed in far too much pre-match punch and came in a lowly fourth with 316 points. However, we think it’s the taking part that counts!

On an blustery day Erlan Idrissov scored a magnificent 39 points, John Delaney 35 points and yours truly 34 points.

Special congratulations should go to Hector Male who scored a hole-in-one on the ninth – not a cheap weekend for buying everybody in the clubhouse a drink! Well done Hector, at least you get your name on a board and a Hugo Boss watch!

Dispensing with the centre table which used to house the four lowest scores meant that we could have lots of playful banter across the teams, with the highlight of the evening being the Irish team’s rendition of The Wild Rover. However full credit to the Scottish team for their version of Flower of Scotland and even the English team made an excellent fist of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot! The Rest of the World would have needed 12 solo renditions of their respective national anthems so were excused their performance!

Next year’s Captains will be Fred Smart for England, John Fitzgerald for Ireland, Mark McClay for Scotland and Wales and Kozim Khuzanov for The Rest of the World.

Yesterday the Ladies played their International event with teams representing The Celts, England and the Rest of the World. Team colours were the order of the day and some even managed to carry their national flags around the course!

Congratulations to The Rest of the World team led by Julie Ellis who scored 281 and so beat The Celts led by Irene Lee Donohoe who scored 274 points and the England team led by Pat Rex who scored 271 points. A much closer event than the men!

Congratulations to winning three ball of Elaine Wilson, Sali Davies and Debbie Hoffbrand. The highest scores from each team were Jen Tang of The Rest of the World team who scored 36 points, Margaret Phelan, a Celt who scored 34 points and Julia Male of England who scored 32 points.

Roll on next year!

Andrew Hoffbrand 


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