• 1st Tee
    1st Tee
  • 1st Fairway
    1st Fairway
  • 1st Green
    1st Green
  • 2nd Tee
    2nd Tee
  • 2nd Green
    2nd Green
  • 2nd Fairway
    2nd Fairway
  • 3rd Tee
    3rd Tee
  • 3rd Fairway
    3rd Fairway
  • 3rd Green
    3rd Green
  • 4th Tee
    4th Tee
  • 4th Fairway
    4th Fairway
  • 4th Green
    4th Green
  • 10th Green
    10th Green
  • 11th Tee
    11th Tee
  • 11th Fairway
    11th Fairway
  • 11th Green
    11th Green
  • 12th Tee
    12th Tee
  • 12th Fairway
    12th Fairway
  • 12th Green
    12th Green
  • 13th Tee
    13th Tee
  • 13th Fairway
    13th Fairway
  • 13th Green
    13th Green
  • 14th Tee
    14th Tee
  • 14th Fairway
    14th Fairway
  • 14th Green
    14th Green
  • 15th Tee
    15th Tee
  • 15th Fairway
    15th Fairway
  • 15th Green
    15th Green
  • 16th Tee
    16th Tee
  • 16th Fairway
    16th Fairway
  • 16th Green
    16th Green
  • 17th Tee
    17th Tee
  • 17th Green
    17th Green
  • 18th Tee
    18th Tee
  • 18th Fairway
    18th Fairway
  • 18th Green
    18th Green
  • 5th Tee
    5th Tee
  • 5th Fairway
    5th Fairway
  • 5th Green
    5th Green
  • 6th Tee
    6th Tee
  • 6th Green
    6th Green
  • 7th Tee
    7th Tee
  • 7th Fairway
    7th Fairway
  • 7th Green
    7th Green
  • 8th Tee
    8th Tee
  • 8th Fairway
    8th Fairway
  • 8th Green
    8th Green
  • 9th Tee
    9th Tee
  • 9th Bunkers
    9th Bunkers
  • 9th Green
    9th Green
  • 10th Tee
    10th Tee
  • 10th Fairway
    10th Fairway

About Us

Hendon Golf Club owned and operated by its members. Our members are drawn from a wide cross section of the local community in and around Mill Hill, Hendon and Finchley. Our current membership is around 550 (330 gentlemen, 120 ladies).

Membership of Hendon is open to anyone who has an interest in golf or the local area.